13 Tips to Improve your Communication Skills

First of all, I would like to define communication in my simple and understandable language i.e.

Communication is the process of transferring or conveying the message in a particular manner to the receiver.

Two basic types of communications are:

  • Oral communication, and
  • Written communication.

Uses of both these communication skills are more important than depending upon the field of working. Oral communication is processed – face to face by mouth, action and gestures between two persons or in a meeting.

Written communication is processed by the letter, resume or curriculum vitae.

Good communication is one of the most essential parts of our daily life. Without good communication skill it is difficult to communicate with others.

Good and effective communication with others is one of the best fundamental skill to achieve our aim and success in various aspects of our life too. That’s why effective and good communication skills can bring more happiness and satisfaction in our life and relationships.

We should know that a good communicator can make a revolution in the world. Did you remember, The Father of Nation (India) Mahatma Gandhi, who has one of the best weapons, i.e. communication skill. And through this skill he communicated with people from all around the world.Communication Skills

Communication Skills

Good communication skill play significant role in industrial and marketing sector too. This skill is must for all the employees. And now-a-days it is popular in our relationship and education area. Therefore, we should improve our communication skills as soon as possible.

Let’s move forward for improving our communication skill by reading all the tips one by one.

Tips to Improve your Communication Skills:

  1. Meet and Greet people with appropriately
Meet and Greet people

Meet and Greet people

The best way for improving our communication skill is smiling. We should smile during greeting or meeting with new people.

Say hello or hi or shake hand with smiling face and good body language.

This tip can really impress people. And using this tip in an office will enhance your style and skill. People will love to talk with you.

Many people do not want to greet, which is one of the major reasons of lack of good communication skill. By greeting with smile and good body language, other side’s person will also meet like you.

  1. Good Eye Contact

Person feels uneasy while conversation or discussion means, has poor communication skill.

It is difficult to conversation without eye contact because eye contact is the way of building a trust and connection. When we face interview for any job purpose, it is necessary to eye contact during conversation or discussion in the interview.

When we do eye contact with other person, it proves that we are interested to listen what he is saying.

Good eye contact makes impression on opposite person.

  1. Habituate to Speak Politely
Speak Politely

Speak Politely

This is one of the common tips to improve your communication skills. Speaking politely among other people can improve your communication skills.

Try to take a small talk with others perhaps mention about person’s health or family or talk about weather or something that is in news.

Always use ‘thank you’ for people’s contribution and use ‘please’ for asking time or about something. Also, giving polite answer can leave your impression on others.

  1. Don’t interrupt others talk

Many people are in the habit of interrupting others talk during discussion or conversation. It is bad habit to interrupt without completing his opinion on the particular topic.

Try to listen others opinion, because listening is very important and therefore now these days listening skills is being provided for many top employers by training.

Always try to effectively listen which requires concentration, also use your own sense – not just hearing the word which is being spoken.

It is said that “A good listener is a good speaker”.

Effective listening is highly necessary because it is a way of noticing and observing the inconsistencies between verbal and the non-verbal messages.

Don’t interrupt other’s talk

Don’t interrupt others talk

  1. Try to apologies for your mistakes

Always try to accept your mistakes and say sorry, will really help to improve and make your character neat and clean among the people. Try to make sure that the mistakes should not be repeated.

It is said that “Mistakes can be committed but shouldn’t be repeated”.

When you hurt someone and apologize your mistake, it helps to re-establish your relationship and recover trust with other persons.

Apology for your mistake will really improve your communication skills behavior.

  1. Enhance your body language be Positive

Body language is one of the important parts of observing your communication skills in critical situation.

And therefore, poor communication skill can be observed by poor body language which is more negative way for your position down in front of group of people.

Because sometimes it sends many signal to others which are far stronger than the word. Observer can easily observe that what are you saying and what are you thinking in your mind.

It means your word and your body should be compatible while conversation or discussion.

  1. Use Gestures and good Posture
 Use Gestures

Use Gestures

Good body gestures are more important for communicating with others. It is simple but not easy to communicate with people.

There are some gestures for leaving good impression in front of people like shaking both the hand sincerely, by making pleasant face, good eye contact, by walking left-right and nodding our head is one of the best positive gestures.

  1. Try to leave the habit of stammering

Stammering is one of the bad barricades, which disturbs the addicted person from communicating with others person.

Stammering causes bad communication among people. If any person is in the habit of stammering, many other people do not want to care about their opinion.

Therefore, try to improve the addicting of stammer.

Stammers can’t convey their message properly which causes the bad communication.

  1. Enhance word Pronunciation

Good pronunciation of word while conversation or discussion, leaves good impression on listener.

Good pronunciation plays vital role for proper communication in front of people or any meetings.

Bad pronunciation can failure to convey the message to the listener. The message, which we want to provide to the listen can’t be convey clearly due to bad pronunciation of word.

  1. Appreciate people for their achievements
Appreciate people for their achievments


Giving enough praise in workplace can enhance our communication skill broadly.

After getting large profit or any special achievements of company congratulate everyone – including all team members, managers, your boss and customers.

After applying this tip your communication among the entire team member will be good and social. You will be l0ved and liked by all the company’s team members.

  1. Treat and validate people equally

One more important tip is to always try and communicate with people on an equal basis and avoid patronizing people.

Always check that, what you have told them and try to avoid negative feelings and confusion.

Don’t follow the nepotism rule in any situation for improving your communication skill in front of all staff member or people.

Apply the rule for everyone not patronizing. This tip will really show your good character and connectivity with upper stage to lower stage.

  1. Tone of Voice

Tone of voice with good facial expression, can leaver better impression among the people.

Tone of voice involves the volume you use to speak in front of people for communicating and discussing on a particular topic. The powerful words which we choose for speaking provides better reaction among the listeners.

And therefore, it will really help to improve your communication skills.

  1. Should have Empathy for others
Should have Empathy for others

Should have Empathy for others

Empathy is an art and helps to communicate our idea in a way that the person on the other side communicate with us.

It is one of the great foundation blocks of social interaction, and powerful stuff too.

This is common but more important for improving our communication skills.

Applying this tip in your daily life will really improve your communication skill. And I hope you will not face hesitation during communicating with others. I have tried my best to convey the latest and the most effective tip for you all, for your good communication skill. I hope you will enjoy this tip by learning.

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