About Us

Hello everyone, Nice meeting you all here! I’m Ravi Roshan Jaiswal from the capital of Jharkhand, Ranchi. It’s a matter of great pleasure that I have brought for you all, a very interesting and relative site i.e. “Commsieve.com”.

As you all know the communication skill is one of the most fundamental skills for a person. The ability of communication with others is the most effective and important life skills.

While this digital age has provided us with plenty of options for communications, the increase in choices and options has its downsides too.

Social media for instance is amazing, but when it comes to keeping an eye out for something niche and related – suddenly it all seems to overwhelm us. Navigation seems to be so difficult and everything seems like noise and clatter.

Sure there are tools that optimizes social listening, but choosing a tool that fits you well is a challenge in itself – as there are way too many of those tools around.

People should always try to communicate with people with politely and clarity. You know, a good communicator can attract you within a few seconds. And therefore, many marketing company offer a good communicator and good personality person. Also, salesmen have good communication skill and can sell a lot of thing by the art of communicating people.

Better interpersonal communication skill provides more effective power in groups and team members, you know.

Now this skill is becoming very popular in each and every sector which can create problem for the person who haven’t yet good communication skills.

Without communication skills you can’t convey or share your knowledge or idea in front of others. Having much knowledge about any particular topic is not a matter of great pleasure. But more important thing is ability to convey this knowledge for others easily, is an art or skills.

Are you getting sad due to lack of communication skills, don’t worry follow this site and see the magic in your life. I will always try improve and enhance your all the interpersonal communication skill by the topic.

So what are you waiting for… start reading and utilizing these tips in your daily life and enjoy the improvement of skills in yourself day by day.

Here on Comm Sieve, we will discuss everything related to communication and make sure that you get only the very best.

Keep watching… 🙂